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My name is Antoine Brisson (6357C2345 in the following genealogy).

    A few years ago, I discovered the Gignoux genealogy published by Claude Gignoux in 1949 in Grenoble (France) : it made me dream for hours and travel in time and space : from 3 brothers born in Lyons, 2 of them left France to reach New-York, get married there, and came back to France years later with some of their children, spreading cousins on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This genealogy gathered the descendants of Jean-Antoine Gignoux, born in Nyon (Switzerland) on February 2nd, 1775. I began to complete it, and I thought that making a Web page could enable you to help me. On Septembre 18th, 1999, I created this page. This page allowed me to get in touch with some of you, who helped me in this huge work of updating of the descendance of a person born in 1718. I would like to thank them sincerely.

    For a long time, this page had only included the genealogy. I added a small photo album. If you have old or recent photos or documents about the Gignoux family, please send me a copy : I will add them to this little photo album with pleasure. If you recognize people on the photos you can already see, please tell me who. Thank you in advance.

There is always something you can do !
Try it!

    Here is this genealogy in French. For awhile I tried to keep up-to-date English and French versions ; I'm no longer able to do so. I advise to navigate on the French page and use translator function of your web browser. (you can also enter the offspring from Jacques-François Gignoux by using this tree).
Actual errors are written in red. The addresses in green date from 1949. The links are underlined. The number system is very easy: the third child of the number 1A4 will have the number 1A43. If someone descends twice from Jean-Jacques Gignoux, he will have two numbers (for example 51C52=1A432).

1949 genealogy won some collateral branches : this small family tree can help :

Jean-Jacques Gignoux 6. Jacques GIGNOUX 5. Jean-Gabriel GIGNOUX 61. Jean-Pierre GIGNOUX 632. François-Louis GIGNOUX 63. Jacques-François GIGNOUX 635. Jean-Antoine GIGNOUX 6353. Claude-Thaddée-Népomucène GIGNOUX 6357. Pierre-Irénée GIGNOUX 6359. Marie François-Régis GIGNOUX

You can help me!

    First, try to find yourself (or your parents or your grand-parents if you are born after 1949). Check up the information concerning all the persons you know (and point out me to the possible mistakes and omissions). Then, try to send to me the information concerning all the cousins you know and who are not yet in this genealogy. For each person, it would be interesting to know at least the dates and places of birth, marriage(s), death and the occupation, and if possible the address.
    Thank you very much to answer me, in the name of all of us, nowadays and in the future, who will be intersted in this genealogy and enjoy reading it (so will I!!).
    Moreover, don't hesitate to give the address of this Web page to every 'Gignoux cousin', especially if his name is not Gignoux.

Contact me!

The more simple to contact me is to send me an e-mail.

Special thanks to:

    Claude Gignoux for the ancestor of this genealogy (Grenoble, November 1949),
    Philippe Garel for the 3 Gignoux-Garel genealogies (May 1986),
    Marguerite and Marie-Françoise Charles for the Audibert genealogy (Chomérac, August 1989),
    the Archives Cantonales Vaudoises and Jean Gignoux for the origins of our family,
    Marie-Agnès Gignoux-Franc,
and the archives municipales de Lyon.

and also to:

Reg Gignoux, Thayer Gignoux, Nicole and Thaddée Gignoux, Paul Gignoux, Patrick Gignoux, Isabelle Donskoff, Jacques Denny Gignoux, Adele Gignoux, Gérard Portes, Michel Gignoux, Jérémie Gignoux, Pierre-Antoine Bonamour, Didier Peillon, Renaud Gignoux, Frédéric Gignoux, Charles Gignoux, Jean Gignoux, Marie de Brébisson, Chris Olney, Adele Gignoux, Sylvie Rice, Jean Gignoux, Cynthia Eversley Bennett, Laurent Gignoux, Thierry Sabot, Jean-Luc Gignoux, Christine Levoir-Mielle, Xavier Gignoux, Fanny Gignoux, Noémie Catheland, Gilles and Bénédicte Humblot, Laurent Gignoux, Jean Le Chatelier, Simone Gignoux, Marie Birdsall, Odile Laschkar, Pierre Roubinet, Frédéric Billioud, Jean-Noël Billioud, Christian de Luzy, Marc and Monique Grollemund, Pascale Gignoux, Marie-Noëlle Allimant, Gaétane Picolet, Odile Jenkins-Gignoux, Céline Levrat, Catherine Bret, Emilie Bret, Bénédicte Deschamps, Jean Ollion, Odile Brisson, Delphine Delattre, Jacques Gignoux, Thomas Paillard-Brunet, Charlotte Mignon, Sophie Jacquin-Desombre, Nicolas et Fabienne Dubouloz, Anne Cheylus, Valérie et Roland Matras, Edith Gignoux, Julien Deshayes, Claude Prouvay, Chantal Robert, Christine Gignoux, Magali Gignoux, Maurice Pommier, Camille Damois, Philippe Gignoux, Mathieu Perrot, Odile Duron, Elise Holt, Grégoire Brisson, Albin et Sidonie Verjat, Claudia Olney, Charlotte Gignoux Dwyer, Quentin Orion, Véronique Mosnier, Victor Giraud, Evelyne Mainbourg, Bruno Combe Laboissière, Frances Huffer, Sam Gignoux, Anne Bevan, Kristin King-Ries, Veronique & Guy Libercier, Grégory Morel, Jack B. Andersen, Olivier Boura, Nicolas Fouchérand, Bénédicte Gueneau, Greg Gignoux, Régis et Annick Voisin, Patricia Morel, Alexandre Randu, Michel Roubinet, Renaud Boucharlat, Jean-Vincent Giraud, Perrine Doumen, Coralie Monvoisin, Alexandra d'Hombres, Jacques Gignoux, Antoine Gignoux, Sylvain Brisson, Valérie Garel, Paul Fouchérand, Nathalie Larche, Jacques Martin, Bertrand Michel, Stéphane Martin, Gilles Brossard, Karin Dodson Gignoux, Laurent Gaultier, Emmanuel Gignoux, Laurent Cheylus, Elodie Molina, Lesley Riley, Anne Gignoux-Wisznia, Christopher de Sibert, Agathe Bouvier, Didier Grünthaler, Vincent Boucharlat, François d'Oncieu, Solange Mignon, Gilles Boucharlat, Janice Elizabeth Richey, Alain Ginoux, Jeremy Gignoux, Sylvie Mayet.

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